A Certified Testing & Balancing Company

Balancing Technologies, Inc. is a Certified Commercial Testing and Balancing company located in West Boylston, Massachusetts. We provide services all over Massachusetts and work closely with HVAC contractors and building managers to optimize the performance of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Our thorough process allows us to provide precise calibrations, resulting in higher operating efficiency ratings, increased comfort, and improved longevity of equipment.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to work as a team with the design professionals, building owners and other tradesmen to achieve maximum system performance on all environmental systems.

Utilizing NCI Practical Standards is the key to achieving the design intent of today's sophisticated buildings. Understanding systems - how they are installed, serviced and maintained - along with the manufacturer's start-up report, helps in achieving total system balance in today's demanding market place. Our technical testing and verification, coupled with repeatable readings, ensure system functionality.

With Balancing Technologies, Inc., you can be assured that our testing and verification process offers you the best value in the Testing, Adjusting & Balancing industry.

We offer a solution-based approach to air and water balancing, as we have maximized the efficiency and comfort of hundreds of HVAC systems. This is the primary strength we bring to your projects...Solutions, not just "match the numbers" balancing.


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BTI is certified as a residential and commercial testing and balancing contractor with the National Comfort Institute. Click here for more information on our NCI Certification.